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"SALOON enables effective networking in the art industry, exchange of experiences with like-minded people, mutual promotion. The spirit of the SALOON is awesome!"

Laura Hirvi, Director, Finnish Institute, Berlin, Germany, SALOON Berlin


"Networking, meeting interesting people, new input, and the feeling of belonging to a group of professionals let me feel valued within the SALOON Community."

Marte Kiessling, artist, SALOON Berlin


“I believe gender discrimination is a huge problem in the arts. The SALOON network encourages women to be more visible in the art world in order to be more successful. For this reason, I am very happy to be involved with this wonderful group of female artists, writers, curators and entrepreneurs.”

Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo, artist, SALOON Berlin


"I love meeting new people and finding out about new places in Berlin through the SALOON meetings. I enjoy to connect to other women from the art scene and establish new projects out of these new relationships."

Clara Bahlsen, artist, SALOON Berlin


"I like being part of the Vienna SALOON very much, because they organize interesting meetings in exciting places, accompanied by people from the art world I wouldn’t have met  otherwise. The SALOON meetings allow for chatting and networking and time for deeper discussions (you could never have while meeting briefly at an opening) and therefore establishing strong connection within its members."
Käthe Schönle, artist, SALOON Wien


"In the tradition of salons run by women, e.g. during the Enlightenment and Romanticism, in which literary, political or social issues had been discussed, the SALOON network now contributes to mutual education and strengthening of women’s network culture which have become particularly important in today’s digitalized and globally networked world."

Tanja Hehmann, artist, SALOON Hamburg


"The SALOON creates an open & secure space for exchange, discovery and growth. And it enables new projects and commissions. During the SALOON Exchange Program in fall 2018, I met Berlin-based artist Marte Kiessling, who commissioned me to create a new website for her."

Emilie Gervais, artist, SALOON Paris


"Without a specific feminist manifest, the SALOON easily unites women of the European art scene. The SALOON Exchange Program gave me the opportunity to meet new curators and gallerists in Berlin and speaking at the event ‘Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?!* II’. As other people have discovered my work through the SALOON, the network also creates a lot of visibility for its members in the European art scene."

Magali Desbazeille, artist, SALOON Paris


"Moving back from Quebec to France, I became aware of the phallocracy of French culture. Further, while recently teaching European art history, I understood how male worldviews are deeply rooted in our society and in our artistic disciplines and women’s perspectives are not enough. I joined the SALOON network because I deeply aspire to a sororal and feminist relationship in order to discover artworks made by women, to engage a informal dialogue, and to share specific ideas in that context".

Lorella Abenavoli, artist, SALOON Paris

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